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Boy in Punta del Diablo Uruguay


Boy in Punta del  Daiblo Picture

I took this picture of this boy in Punta del Diablo one lazy afternoon as I spent time exploring the city of Punta del Diablo. The boys father was the owner of a cozy restaurant where I ate lunch that day. It was actually a fairly unique experience for me.

The restaurant menu was all in Spanish and I had no idea what it said. At that point I still did not know any Spanish and this was a perfect example of why you should definately know some of the official language of Uruguay before you go there.

I communicated with the boy and his father who was the owner of the restaurant and asked that they cook me some authentic Uruguay food I had no idea what that might include in this sleepy little fishing town.

What he prepared for me was actually quite good. He sat me down at a quaint little table outside made of homade chairs and gave me the official Restaurant menu.

Since I couldnt read any Spanish I communicated to him, that I would like some authentic food and that is exactly what he delivered. Take a look at this picture of my lunch in Punta del Diablo After my lunch, I spent some time strolling along the beaches and streets of Punta del Diablo and took some pictures of Punta del Diablo boats

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