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Chivito al plato

by Evelyn



A chivito al plato usually has the following ingredients: a beef steak of about half a cm. thick, 2 or 3 slices of bacon, an egg, ham, mozzarella, tomato, onion, lettuce, fries, potato salad I with peas and carrots, mayonnaise and salt.

How to prepare a chivito al plato:

Fry the bacon and a few slices of onion. Then, in the same skillet with bacon fat, cook the steak, adding a little salt when half done this and also adding the ham and mozzarella on.

Once the mozzarella is melted, fry the egg using a clean pan if necessary.

Then cut the tomatoes into slices and start preparing the dish as follows:

Begin by placing the steak with ham and mozzarella on a plate, then add the bacon, tomato, fried egg, onion and above (the order may change).

Add a little tomato and lettuce on one side along with the fries and potato salad. It can be done only with the fries or tomatoes, too.

Sometimes chivito are more basic and comrise of meat, mozzarella, egg, ham and bacon.

Now dig in and enjoy this Authentic Uruguay food that is loved by the People of Uruguay

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