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Top 10 Montevideo Attractions


I am often asked what are the best Montevideo attractions for those who want to Travel Uruguay? Now that I am back in Uruguay for an undetermined time, I have lots of opportunities to meet new people.

I have been fortunate to meet tourists from all over the world, as well as many of the friendly local people of Uruguay who are always very willing to share their thoughts and ideas about the best things to see in this beautiful south American country.

Since, many of these emails are from people who want to Travel Uruguay and specifically visit the capital city of Montevideo, I have decided to put together my own personal top 10 things to see when you are here.

I know it is not possible for me to cover all the interesting Montevideo attractions on one page, and I am certain that everyone has their own opinion on the best tourist attractions, so these are my thoughts about what I have seen as I Travel Uruguay.

I would be very interested in hearing from you on your ideas about things to see and do in Montevideo and any other city that you have travelled in Uruguay. Please take a few minutes and share with us your ideas on what the best tourist attractions are in Uruguay. Here is my list.

Rambla de Montevideo
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1) Rambla de Montevideo - The Rambla of Montevideo or beaches of Montevideo stretch on for what seems like forever. There are so many beaches to chose from.

You will see people walking and exercising at all hours of the day. There are benches throughout the Rambla, often every 50 feet, where you see people sitting and talking, drinking either the national drink of Mate or coffee and simply enjoying good conversation and good friends.

Plaza Independencia
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2) Plaza Independencia - Independence Square is definite must see, especially if you are interested in seeing discovering some of the important Montevideo attractions, landmarks and monuments as well as learning about the fascinating History of Uruguay. Some highlights that I enjoyed include the Mausoleum of General Artigas a national hero.

You can see Puerta de la Ciudela which is the only remains of the original fortifications of the old city. It boasts walls that are 6 meters thick and really was interesting to see. Of course there are many other attractions in the Plaza, so be sure to visit.

Teatro Solis
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3) Teatro Solis is located within the Plaza Independencia. It orignally opened its doors in 1856. Anyone who knows about Montevideo will tell you about this theater.

In the past it was considered a prominent musical theater which was home to the world renowned performers. Now it offers numerous cultural events throughout the year.

Palacio Legislativo
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4) Palacio Legislativo, is the Legislative palace of Montevideo This is a massive structure of awe inspiring architecture is one the cities most impressive tourist attractions and landmarks. The architecture is amazing and it is currently home to numerous signigant works of rt

Castillo Pittamglio
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5) Castillo Pittamiglio is located in Pocitos Montevideo. This interesting red brick building was built by the eccentric architect and alchemist Humberto Pittamiglio.

Some of the interesting points about this one is that it is somewhat strange, including odd looking rooms and staircases that lead nowhere. It also has a tower and a bridge which was fun to explore.

Ciudad Vieja
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6) Ciudad Vieja, or old city is located by the harbour and feels to me like you are stepping into the past. You can wander the cobble stone streets and see some amazing sights.

Browse through one of the quaint little antique shops or simply relax in and watch the people pass by in any of the numerous cafes that line the streets.

Mercado del Puerto
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7) Mercado del Puerto or the Port Market of Montevideo. You will commonly read about or see video all over the internet about this tourist attraction.

When you visit the Port Market you will be in for a unique dining experience. There are countless grills and bards as well as art galleries throughout. Make certain to try the asado which is the typical Uruguayan barbeque.

Feria de Tristan Narvaja
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8) Feria de Tristan Narvaja is considered the one of the largest if not the largest outdoor fair. It is open on Sundays and stretches out over several city blocks.

It really was fun to discover all the interesting things for sale including, antiques, fresh fruits and produce and almost anything that you can imagine. A fun place to spend a Sunday Afternoon and one of the very popular Montevideo Attractions.

Museums in Montevideo
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9) Museums in Montevideo - The last time I checked, there were more than 12 museums in Montevideo, so maybe in the future I will begin writing pages about each one.

For now however I will only say that the history and culture or Uruguay is fascinating and if you get a chance, you should definitely try to discover some of the wonderful Museums in Montevideo.

Pocitos Montevideo
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10) Pocitos is a trendy part of Montevideo that has everything you could want and all within walking distance. I am currently renting an apartment here and within walking distance are everything from bars and restaurants to the beach and Rrambla as well as movie theaters and cafe's.

My favourite part of Pocitos however are the bakeries and delicatessens that offers a wide variety of locally produced culinary treats. I highly recommend talking a walk from Rambla down 21 de septiembre street.

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