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November 22, 2012

by Marita
(Montevideo UY)

Dear Folks,

Sorry this is so late--things have been crazy, what with summer breaking out and beautiful weather.

But a few items worthy of note need to be passed on. Among these are:

1. Discussions about the joys of renting a place to live in Uruguay include some unexpected points, such as the fact that you, as the renter, will be responsible for most repairs. And don't forget the house fees, that can be quite impressive.

2. The other side of renting a place, renting out, also includes some surprises. If a squatter comes on to your property (or breaks in to your house), and you don't begin eviction proceedings within a week, it can take a very long time to get your place back. Example: The city of Montevideo wanted to build a bus station (or some such public place), and bought up all the houses in the area they wanted. While they were doing this, squatters moved in to the already abandoned places, and it took the city two years to get them out. So be warned--having a big heart and letting people stay can have consequences you need to be aware of.

3. And, of particular interest to people from the USA, is that the financial regulations from the USA are having wider and wider consequences. Some banks are now not willing to issue US dollar checks, for example for applying for the required FBI fingerprint check.

The roofer, Rick Collett, was in Montevideo, telling about the new kind of roofing foam he uses. It not only makes an impermeable covering, but insulates well, and lasts for years. It can be used to make repairs or to cover a whole roof. Let me know if you would be interested or know someone who would be. He would like to come back soon and do several roofs, so people can see what can be done for a reasonable price.

5. There is a food fair going on today and tomorrow from 14 to 22 o'clock, and 2 free passes are available tomorrow at De Picos Pardos for anyone wanting to go. The Feria de la Alimentatción is at the Parque Tecnolßogico de Eventos LATU.

6. And kind people often let us know about events, one of which is the Festival del Champagne en Viña Varela Zarranz.

For information, see below...thought maybe some might be interested in this event...not a bad price, but, not sure how one gets there without a car...maybe if enough are interested a remise could be rented?

So if anyone is interested in going, I can help organize a remise.

Despite the beautiful weather, you do have to eat, so why not come by De Picos Pardos tomorrow at noon?

De Picos Pardos has expanded its menu, so I hope you will come by and try out the new dishes, which include Pasta and Pizzetas.

Cheers, Marita

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