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vender coche gratis

Pionono de chocolate

by Evelyn

As soon as I saw this picture, I just knew I had to post this Uruguay food recipe as soon as possible.

Everytime I look at it I get a craving for a strong coffee and a piece of cake.

If you are trying to impress friends. Serve this Uruguay recipe at your next gathering

This preparation is quick and easy, ideal for those who have little time.

1 pionono purchased
300 grams of "dulce de leche" pastry
50 grams of fat (butter)
2 tablespoons sweet cocoa

Chocolate Bath
3 bars of chocolate or 2 tablespoons sweet cocoa
2 tablespoons water
3 / 4 cup powdered sugar (icing, powdered)150 grams
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
1 tablespoon butter (butter) at room temperature
3 tablespoons water

Mix the caramel with sweet cocoa and melted butter to form a cream. If necessary warm up a bit on the stove to incorporate all ingredients.

spread pionono on, roll carefully and put into refrigerator for half an hour or until the cream is very firm.

Chocolate sweet. Place grated chocolate in a pan heat and add two tablespoons of water. Bring to low heat until melted, (you can also dissolve in microwave or in a bain marie)

Remove and add vanilla and butter, mixing quickly. Finally add the powdered sugar, icing, powdered, Sifted beforehand along with 3 tablespoons of hot water.

Beat all the ingredients vigorously and keep a water bath, warm until use.

Cover with the ingredients using a fork to make streaks along the cake.
Once finished place in the fridge for awhile until it is set well.
It can be served alone or with whipped cream (cream) whipped a half and half

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