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Puchero Recipe


A typical Uruguayan Puchero recipe is a delicious meat stew meal that is a comfort food in Uruguay South America. You can watch the video on this page to see how quickly and easily you can make this Uruguay Recipe to enjoy with your family or friends. It is a typical meal from Uruguay that is sure to please even the most discerning taste buds.

Consisting of meat and vegetables that are boiled in water, Puchero is also known as Olla in Spain, pot-au-feu in France, and in various other countries simply as Olla.

Cooking times vary and some of the ingredients can be cooked separately in other pots.

Ingredients can include pork or pork hide, cabbage and garbanzo beans.

In some places, Puchero a la criolla is also known as puchero seco or dry puchero. Chefs will enrich this popular recipe with sweet potato, corn, chorizo and cassava.

Dry meat otherwise known a charqui can also be aded to the ingredients of this recipe.

Puchero criollo is is most commonly served with native traditional sauces that can are eith cooked or raw and ofter come with a fried sauce made from Onions, paprika and lard.

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