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Receta de Canelones de Carne

by Maria
(Punta del Este Uruguay)

Receta de Canelones de carne ingredientes :

-1\2 kg de carne picada
- 1 diente de ajo
-Sal y oregano
-1\2 cebolla chica
-1\2 morron rojo mediano
- salsa blanca
-pulpa de tomate

preparacion :

En un sarten , colocar un poco de aceite , cebolla y morron picados en trozos peque, saltar los vegetales, una vez dorados agregar carne picada , oregano y sal a gusto .
En otra cacerola por separado , agregamos aceite , morron y cebolla , como la preparacion anterior , una vez dorados , agregamos pulpa de tomate y 1\2 vaso de agua , cocinar por 15 minutos , revolviendo ocacionalmente a fuego moderado , agregar un diente de ajo picado , cocinar por 5 minutos mas .

Mezclar la carne picada ya cocida con salsa blanca , rellenar los panqueques con la misma .
Llevar al horno por 30 minutos , pasados los primeros 15 minutos sacar del horno y colocar salsa de tomate por ensima de los canelones , volver al horno por 15 min mas .

I translated this Uruguay Recipe into English too.

Meat filled Canelones Ingredients:

.5 kg of minced meat
1 clove garlic
Salt and oregano
.5 small onion
.5 medium red bell pepper
cooking oil
White sauce
tomato puree


In a pan, put a little oil, chopped onion and peppers cut into small pieces, stir the vegetables until cooked then add the ground beef and continue cooking until golden brown.

Add oregano and salt to taste

In another separate pan, add oil, peppers and onions, as in the first pan and again cook until golden brown. Once golden, add tomato paste and .5 cup of water.
Continue to Cook for 15 minutes, stirring occasionally over medium heat, add a clove of chopped garlic and continue to cook for 5 minutes.

Mix the minced meat with your favourite white sauce, fill crepes with it.

Bake for 30 minutes after the first 15 minutes remove from oven and put tomato sauce on the canelones top, return to oven for 15 min more.

Serve Hot and Enjoy!
This one also tastes very good cold and I always try to make more because my children like to eat it cold as an after school snack.

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