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Torta Frita / Mate uruguayo

by Evelyn

A light biscuit like snack with Mate

A light biscuit like snack with Mate

Fried Cake Recipe

We show the best way to make fried cakes:


- 3.5 cups flour
- 1 cup fat
- .5 tablespoon salt
- 3 tablespoons warm water
- cooking oil for Frying


Mix the flour, fat and salt.
Warm water is added and water for the dough is formed, once early allowed to stand for half an hour.

Spread some flour on the surface where you are going to work and a little more on the surface of rolling pin.

The dough should work hard and stretch so that it is half a centimeter wide, we make a small hole in the middle of the dough so it does not "inflate".

Chop and prepare cakes of about 15 inches and place into the hot fat or oil.

Turn when the cakes begins to become golden and then remove them and place on an absorbent paper and add sugar.

Fried Cake Recipe Argentine yeast but also leads Uruguay's recipe does not use yeast.

Mate Uruguayo

It is a tea that is made with yerba mate from the plant of the same name.drinking hot water,In Uruguay, is considered the national drink mate.

Mate in Uruguay is drunk at any time and anywhere. The features have been ascribed social unifier, because in Uruguay it is consumed by members of all social classes and is famous the 'mates round, "where friends gather to share a mate and talk amicably."

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