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Alfajores in Uruguay


Alfajores, Uruguay

The word Alfajores is translated from the Arabic word for great filled sweets.

Basically it is a cookie sandwich made up of 2 or 3 round cookies with Dulce de leche or carmel filling in the middle and sprinkled with powdered sugar or coconut. There are also many other filling and toppings that they are made from. Another popular choice is with chocolate coating or the actual cookie is made from chocolate.

The cookies can be hard or soft depending on which recipe you are following.

There are also cookie towers with 3 or more cookie layers that will melt in your mouth as you quench your sweet tooth desires.

Where do they come from?

Alfajores, Uruguay

Originally, the Moors brought them to Spain when they conquered the Iberian Peninsula. In Spain they were popular at Christmas in Uruguay with variations of almonds and honey.

These delicious sweet treats are popular with the People of Uruguay as well as well as in other Latin American countries including Mexico, Peru, Chile, Columbia and Argentina.

The red one is called espejos, then the one that is topped with peanuts and is called alfajor cubierto con mani. The one covered in chocolate is called a yoyo.

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When you Travel Uruguay you can see Factory in Minas Uruguay in the Department of Lavalleja where all they make is this cookie. You will be delighted to witness the fresh preparation of these delicious cookies right before your eyes. This is a smaller factory than most but the staff is friendly and willing to show you around the factory. You can also see our Youtube video from the Factory which we took in May 2012.

Alfajores, Uruguay

During our visit to the Factory, we were able to sample some freshly baked Uruguayan treats and I have to tell you that they were absolutely delicious. With so many different types of cookies as well as company and brand names, you will find that everyone has their own favourite dessert.

I suggest sampling several during your travels in Uruguay and deciding for yourself which is the best. One thing for sure, if you like baked goods and pastries or cookies, then a Uruguayan Alfajores is sure to delight your senses.

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