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Durazno Uruguay a South American Diamond in the Rough


If you have not traveled to Durazno Uruguay you may have been missing out on the adventure of a lifetime. While not as well known as Montevideo this smaller town has more than enough cultural highlights, historic interest and scenic beauty to dazzle even the most well seasoned travelers.

In the center of the Nation of Uruguay you will find the city of Durazno. This exotic locale has begun to attract high numbers of travelers with a unique combination of forests, rolling hills, colorful parades, lively music, friendly people and exciting adventures.

Affordable airline tickets to Durazno have already made this Uruguay city popular with a number of foreign guests. However the modern day city of Durazno Uruguay remains a mysterious secret for many others. Allow us to introduce you to the history and experience of Durazno travel.

At one point the city of Durazno Uruguay was referred to by the term Entre Ríos Yí y Negro. The English translation refers to Durazno having a geographic position between two major waterways, the Negro and Yi Rivers. This city in Uruguay is intersected by 3 major Uruguay land routes; roads 5 14 and 100.

The fertile farmlands, lush forests, expansive plains and thriving cattle industry quickly transformed the city of Durazno Uruguay into a magnet for settlers and entrepreneurs.

Early settlers of this region included Minuanes, Yaros and Charrúas.

As time went on the Portuguese and Durazno natives established local trading routes by land and boat. The most important resources for economic trade during this period were cattle, horses and leather products. Today these remain a major part of the modern Uruguay economy.

For a unique adventure while you stay in Durazno you may want to stay at a Parque33 Orientales which has achieved the rating of 4-stars. In fact this is the only one of the Durazno hotels that has been awarded the coveted 4 star rating. Other Durazno, Hotels in Uruguay include the Hotel del Country and the Hotel Durazno.

There are also a number of more casual apartments and private rooms that are available in Durazno Uruguay. These include secluded cabins, boarding houses and villas. If you want to explore the natural surroundings you could even stay at a nearby campground such as the El Recreo.

Celebrations such as the Llamadas del Carnaval, Pilsen Rock music fest, the Folklore Festival and the Gathering of the Gauchos all take place in Uruguay's central city of Durazno. There are special events, live music shows, rodeos and parades that take place throughout the year. Be sure to check the local calendar and see which festivals are scheduled during the time of your Uruguay trip.

Durazno, Uruguay is also the home for a number of restaurants that offer travelers a chance to sample many authentic, South American cuisine. Las Brasas is one of the best local steakhouses and it is considered to be one of the leading restaurants in Durazno.

Be sure that you visit some of the Uruguay attractions that include the Durazno House of Culture and Art Museum.

These buildings date back to the late 19th century. There are also the Museo Militar, the Museo del Gaucho and the Museo Eduardo Gonzales Pose.

For more information about Durazno travel; airline tickets to Durazno, Uruguay; or Durazno hotels you can check with a number of local travel businesses. These include Avemar, Alabatro Tours and Betancour Viajes.

Travel to this city and you can learn a great deal about the culture, history and customs of the people of Uruguay South America.

With tickets to Durazno available for rail travel, buses, airplanes and boats; as well as horses and bikes available it is certain that you will discover a wide world of new and exciting adventures.

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