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Gaucho Clothes and Uruguay Culture are Forever Linked in Hearts and Minds


Gaucho clothes are a very symbolic link to Uruguay culture. These items still reflect the love and respect that the people have for these early South American horsemen. It is also important to mention that gaucho clothing is extremely comfortable, practical and versatile.

Although the historic gaucho culture made its appearance several hundred years ago the appeal of these nomadic riders is still very strong today. The gaucho mystique effortlessly bridges several centuries and is a consistent reminder of the nation's pride, bravery and strength.

The first Uruguay gauchos were the mestizos who traveled throughout the southern region of South America. These equestrian hunters searched for cattle, rounded up huge herds of animals and became masters at riding and training horses.

Gauchos were very important in Uruguay culture because of their contributions to the budding cattle industry but also because of their services during the nation's wars for independence.

Today the typical Uruguay national continues to celebrate the history of the gaucho through parades, rodeos and books. The wearing of gaucho clothe is another way for the people of Uruguay to connect to the gaucho's idealistic spirit and pay homage to this distinctive part of Uruguay culture.

Modern day Uruguay gauchos still play an important role in the countryside of Uruguay. They work on cattle ranches and they also amaze and entertain people with their riding and roping skills.

The clothing they wear has become extremely popular in South America and even top fashion designers have been inspired by apparel such as the traditional gaucho pants and Womens Gaucho Hats.

Many of the modern gaucho clothes are identical to the ones that once adorned the figures of plains riding gauchos during the 17th and 18th centuries.

Hats, gloves, belts, pants, shorts, boots, scarves and gaucho bags that were once intended for functional purposes only have now been embraced by those searching for fashionable styles as well as those individuals who still place a high value on functionality and practicality.

Bombachas de campo is a style of gaucho clothes that is enjoying a great deal of popularity. The relaxed fit and durable construction have made these trousers a must have item for people of all ages.

Rastras are decorative leather belts highly favored by many working gauchos. Today there are a variety of colors and styles to consider.

Boinas or gaucho Berets are usually made of wool and are considered an essential covering for the head. Another clothing accessory include gaucho boots or the canvas and rope soled shoes that are more commonly referred to as espadrilles.

Fajas is a colorful waistband intended to be worn around the waist. This serves a practical use as well as providing a decorative look to any outfit.

Norteno hats have broad brims and a flat-topped appearance. The Salteno hats are similar but the top of these hats are slightly different. With several styles of gaucho head covers to choose from there are always hats that will appeal to every individual.

Ponchos have long been a staple of gaucho clothe. These are comfortable and practical with timeless style.

There are many other fashionable gaucho dresses that are now available. You can create your own unique gaucho look or use individual articles to accessorize your favorite outfit.

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