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Gaucho Shorts Tweaking the Traditional Gaucho Style


Gaucho shorts and other modern day, gaucho clothes are nearly identical to the same styles that the original South American gaucho workers wore. These items of clothing are now being used to make a fashion statement among younger consumers.

Gaucho pants once blasted onto the fashion scene in the early 1970s. Leading designers created stunning high fashion outfits by pairing these Spanish influenced trousers with gaucho boots, bolero jackets and heavily decorated rastras.

However this was not the first time that the gaucho look was being used to reinvigorate the fashion industry. Over the centuries the gaucho look has enjoyed much resurgence in popularity due to the comfort, durability and wide appeal of this style of clothing.

Gaucho pants, boots, shirts, ponchos and gaucho hats that are offered today bear a strong resemblance to the clothing described or photographed more than 100 years ago.

In fact many of the favorite gaucho clothes now being worn could easily pass for those that were popular during the 17th and 18th centuries.

While gaucho shorts are an innovative style for today's consumers it is easy to see the Uruguay gaucho influence in the basic design. Even the colors used for these short Gaucho pants are the same as the colors chosen by South American cowboys many years ago.

Shorts of Gaucho are only part of the many gaucho clothes that have now made it into the mainstream marketplace. The freedom and casual outdoor style associated with South American gauchos is now being expressed through these new lines of clothing.

There are a wide variety of colors to choose from but most people prefer the traditional shades. Tan, khaki, navy, white or black are among the most popular selections.

One of the interesting features of gaucho shorts is their unisex design. There are gaucho shorts that can be purchased for men and women of all ages, shapes and sizes.

The emphasis is on comfort and flattering lines,
instead of a trendy, short-lived fashion look.

Most of the top quality shorts and gaucho pants have a very relaxed fit that creates superior comfort for the wearer. Natural cotton has become the choice material used in the construction of these garments.

This material is durable and breathable. Cotton also maintains its shape over time, and most people agree that repeated wearing and washing will improve the way the texture and appearance of these garments.

For warm summer months, these versatile shorts can be a very affordable addition to your personal wardrobe. These items can be paired with a cotton shirt and a pair of snappy espadrilles for an elegant, casual look.

Tourists to Uruguay or Brazil are happy to discover that just a few pairs of these comfortable shorts can serve as the bulk of their travel wardrobe.

When they wear these lightweight clothing choices they will also blend into the crowd and give the appearance of being a permanent resident instead of being viewed as a Uruuay tourist.

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