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Heritage Day in Uruguay

by Carolita
(Montevideo Uruguay)

Legislative Palace, Montevideo Uruguay

Legislative Palace, Montevideo Uruguay

Heritage day in Uruguay, is celebrated annually in September. Heritage Day was first held in Uruguay in 1995.

This custom was adopted following the experiences of other countries, which was an initiative that helped spread National values and is organized by the Cultural Heritage Commission, of the Oriental Republic of Uruguay under the Ministry of Education and Culture.

On this day, all Uruguay government buildings, churches, museums, educational institutions and even private homes that have historic or architectural interest are open and free to the public for viewing.

While in the beginning the emphasis was on the architectural heritage, with the passage of time began to expand the notion of heritage to include all tangible and intangible that is valued in the collective imagination, from historical monuments to the Uruguayan rhythms such as Murga or "marcha camion" which is the basic beat this music.

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