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Montevideo Tours


Montevideo tours are your opportunity to live the adventure that awaits you in this large and exciting Uruguay city. Tour guides and special buses can be reserved in advance and tourists are then able to travel throughout the different streets and districts in relaxing comfort.

You will be instantly immersed in the Uruguay culture and languages that are so much a part of this South American vacation.

While touring the capital city of Uruguay why not treat yourself to one of these guided Montevideo tours? This is a wonderful way to explore the city and find out some of the legends, mysteries and interesting historical facts about Montevideo, Uruguay that you may not otherwise have an opportunity to discover.

A tour through the Old City district will give you a chance to more fully experience the rich Uruguay culture and history that is unique to Montevideo. You can learn about the buildings, streets and early life in Uruguay as well as take pictures of the more unusual architectural landmarks while enjoying one of the top Montevideo tours.

The Old City tour will provide guests with a chance to see many squares, theaters, buildings and gardens.

Zabala Square, the Church of San Franciso, Solis Theatre,
the Taranco Palace and the English Temple are just a few of the
Uruguay attractions waiting to be discovered.

As you ride through the wide streets of the town you will have the chance to find out more about the Cerro of Montevideo and the Port Market. There are also a number of shops in the main area of town that offer handmade or unique Uruguay products.

There are even Montevideo tours with local guides who will be happy to offer you their advice concerning the best restaurants and shops in the capital city of Uruguay.

Many people consider the Uruguay Legislative Palace to be one of the most elegant Uruguay government buildings in the world. The nation’s Soccer Museum, Centenario Stadium and the Carnival Museum are other tour stops that have become extremely popular tourist attractions for people from all countries.

You can find a number of tours available and all you need to do is select your favorite one. While these tours are generally conducted in Spanish, many tours do provide guides who have some fluency in other languages including French, Portuguese, English or German.

Some of the most enjoyable destinations you will encounter during these Montevideo tours will be the many Uruguay beaches. Montevideo is home to a large number of dazzling Uruguay beaches that feature sparkling waters and bright, sandy shores.

During many of these excursions you will even be given a chance to personally explore such wonderful seaside destinations as Playa Verde, El Prado, Carrasco, Pocitos and Punta Gorda.

These sun drenched Uruguay beaches are among some of the most beautiful areas in the Montevideo region.

The wide promenades, elegant homes and oceanfront landscapes make it easy to enjoy this coastal paradise in Uruguay.

Tours in Montevideo will help you reach the most exciting and unusual destinations in the city; and the leisurely pace and friendly guides will make certain that this sightseeing expedition will be one of your favorite vacation memories.

Tours of Uruguay’s capital can be arranged to accommodate groups of all sizes, from a single individual to a group consisting of dozens of individuals. There are even designated areas for the arrival and departure of tour related vehicles at many of Uruguay’s best hotels including:

  • The Melia
  • Aspen Boutique
  • Apart Hotel Villa Biarritz
  • Pocitos Plaza
  • Ermitage
  • The Cala Di Volpe resort

It is important to remember that all reservations for these popular Montevideo tours should be confirmed 24 hours in advance.

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