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San Miguel National Park


In the northern region of Uruguay you will discover San Miguel National Park. This picturesque outdoor landscape is found in Chuy, Uruguay which is in the Rocha province.

There are many tourists and people of Uruguay who are convinced that Rocha is a national treasure due to its undeniable beauty. There are beaches, hills, lagoons, rivers and miles of pristine shoreline for you to explore at your leisure. Many towns in Rocha are also historically significant and the Uruguay people are very proud of the buildings, monuments, forts and other landmarks which are still standing hundreds of years after they were first constructed.

When you visit this Uruguay tourist attraction you will notice that the city of Chuy, Uruguay borders the neighboring country of Brazil. You will be able to hear local people speaking both Spanish and Portuguese and some residents will even be speaking a unique language that is a combination of both Portuguese and Spanish.

Hikers, families, teens and others can always be found exploring the rolling landscape of this park. There are a number of paths and hiking trails for you to use but some people prefer to ride bikes or go horseback riding in this outdoor setting.

It will take you several days to fully appreciate the wonders and beauty that you will and this breath taking Park in Uruguay. There are a variety of trees, flowers and native wildlife that exist in this protected environment. In addition to capybaras, armadillos and tucu-tucu there are foxes, otters and coati that live here.

Some of these flora and fauna specimens are quite rare and being able to see them is a special treat. You can even climb to the top of Cerro Picudo where you can sit and enjoy a picnic as you gaze out at the panoramic view of the land below.

Some people will choose nearby lodging accommodations such as the Fortin de San Miguel which is constructed from the same types of heavy stones as the old Portuguese fort. Here you will have a chance to relax among the exotic hotel gardens or cool off with a dip in the sparkling swimming pool. The close proximity to San Miguel National Park makes this hotel a logical choice for many overnight guests.

The park authorities work very diligently to control poaching so that the forests and woodlands are preserved in as natural a manner as possible.

In some areas the vines, plants and trees have created a spectacular green canopy that makes it seem as though you have taken a step backwards in time.

There are many other rustic and appealing features that you will be able to see as you journey through the San Miguel National Park.

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