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Aguas Dulces Uruguay


Aguas Dulces, Uruguay has become a welcome haven for tourists who are searching for a vacation destination that is a little off the beaten path. Set against the backdrop of the Atlantic Ocean, Aguas Dulces seems to vibrate with a life and rhythm that is all its own.

This small community is home to fewer than 1,000 full time residents throughout most of the year, yet the summer season brings flocks of visitors to this sleepy little seaside village.

It delights tourists to notice that the majority of streets are named for birds, fish or trees. This is one of the curiously enchanting features that give Aguas Dulces, Uruguay its unique identity.

Aguas Dulces is on the southern coast of the Department of Rocha and the sparkling beaches have not been spoiled by modern civilization. In fact you will instantly note that this town seems to revel in the fact that it marches to its own drumbeat.

Agua Dulces does not change according to trends and time, but many guests find that a visit to this tranquil little oasis often changes them.

Suddenly the worries and stresses of the outside world seem far away. It is easy to commune with the natural surroundings and you can just settle back and soak up the carefree ambience.

Explore the beaches and sand dunes, go for a hike along the cliffs, or spend the day taking photos of this seaside city. The choice is yours, and in the evening you can relax with a dinner of freshly grilled fish.

There are brightly painted wooden shanties that line the streets of the town. These rainbow colored buildings have been built by the fishermen and other local residents and their rather haphazard arrangement adds to the jaunty appeal of these little huts.

With sandy streets and wide stretches of beaches you might feel as though you are on a tropical island instead of visiting a city in Uruguay. It is very likely that you will enjoy this travel experience so much that you will want to extend your stay as long as possible.

For some guests it is enough just to have the opportunity to experience the warm weather in Uruguay and salty ocean breezes. Others want to discover as much as possible about this Uruguay city that seems to have defied the march of time.

The translation of Agua Dulces means Fresh Waters and
this sleepy little village is true to its name.

Clean, pure spring water is available anywhere you may choose to dig. Doubtless this is one reason that people chose to make their home here many years ago.

Another unique feature that makes Agua Dulces stand out from among other Uruguay attractions such as Punta del Este is the artwork that is evident on the streets and huts of the town.

Colorful, hand-painted murals and other artistic endeavors can be seen almost anywhere you look.

These street paintings have been the work of a number of talented artists. A great many of the artists that contributed their time and talents are some of the leaders in the worldwide art community.

There are tourists who visit Aguas Dulces every year and many have now built a weekend home in this town. A large number of regular visitors arrive from Castillos which is one of the closest cities. The peaceful, low key existence in the town of Aguas Dulces is also making this city a favorite of people who have recently retired.

Whatever your reason for exploring the land of Fresh Waters you are sure to fall under the mesmerizing spell that Agua Dulces so effortlessly weaves.

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