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Barrios of Montevideo Uruguay


The Barrios of Montevideo Uruguay are an extensive network of neighborhoods in Montevideo which is the capital city of Uruguay.

Uruguay is one of the smallest countries in South America and second only to Suriname.

Anytime you visit a new country there are communities to familiarize yourself with but in Montevideo there are an amazing amount of different neighborhoods to consider.

There are a grand total of 59 neighborhood communities in Montevideo and they are generally identified by the Spanish term, barrios de Montevideo.

Although there are a tremendous number of communities in this city of Uruguay, visitors do not have to learn the names of all of them in order to make their way around the Montevideo when they are on vacations. In fact there are a handful of barrios of Montevideo that you will need to experience to savor the delightful atmosphere and Uruguay culture.

Here is a short guide that lists some of the most interesting barrios of Montevideo Uruguay that you should plan on visiting during your stay in this South American nation. If you can travel to these barrios you will be able to explore the top tourist attractions in this small country.

One great reason to see these neighborhoods is that you can really gain a better understanding of the people of Uruguay and culture while coming face to face with the country's past, present and future.

Many visitors enjoy visiting the area known as Ciudad Vieja. The English know this region as "Old Town". This is the area of Montevideo Uruguay where history buffs can delve into the past and savor the rich historical significance of the land and architecture.

Most people prefer to trek through Ciudad Vieja by foot so that they do not miss any of the sites and sounds. There are some amazing examples of 17th and 18th century buildings that have been renovated and restored to their original condition. Ciudad Vieja is always rated as one of the best barrios in Montevideo according to tourists.

At Plaza Independencia you will cross from the past into the adventures of more modern day barrios of Montevideo. This street is quite literally the divider that separates modern Uruguay from its richly significant history. This site is also where many visitors will make the most of a unique photo op moment.

If you want to explore Uruguay's most modern elements you might decide to set your course for one of the popular barrios of Montevideo that is known as Pocitos. This is considered by many to be the ultimate modern neighborhood in all of Montevideo.

If you want to stay at a luxury hotel such as Pocitos Plaza Hotel, check out the best Uruguay beaches, hang out at a shopping mall or enjoy some thoroughly modern day fast food then a trip to Pocitos is the place to go.

Another one of the Barrios of Montevideo Uruguay is Barrio Sur where you can discover what is so uniquely different about this Montevideo neighborhood quite easily.

You will be able to explore the African heritage and modern day community when you visit Barrio Sur. The culture of African roots and ancestors is embraced with fervor and it creates a distinctively interesting and appealing glimpse into the past yet this barrio also manages to stay well focused on the present and future at the same time.

Be sure to time your visit for the weekend when the sounds of African - Uruguayan "candombe" music can be heard echoing throughout the streets of one of the most culturally diverse of all barrios de Montevideo.

Barrios of Montevideo Uruguay

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