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Gaucho Pants Combine History
With Cutting Edge Fashion


When you see historic photos or read the history of Uruguay gaucho pants will undoubtedly be introduced. This is because of the popularity of both the range riding gaucho (cowboy) and gaucho inspired clothing.

Peru, Chile, Brazil, Uruguay and Argentina are some of the South American countries where gauchos once ruled the plains, hills and forests. These were brave men who helped create the thriving cattle industry that would later become a major economic force for people living in these regions.

The traditional South America gaucho was a working man who needed clothing that was durable, rugged, comfortable and functional. It did not take long for these individuals to devise hats, berets, boots and gaucho pants that suited their needs and were also affordable.

Uruguay customs are fairly relaxed regarding clothing choices and it was not uncommon to find many of these items being worn by both sexes.

While fashionable style was not a prerequisite for gaucho pants and other articles of clothing that would be worn by these men the use of colors and unique decorations was employed. Today gaucho clothes have enjoyed a resurgence of popularity with many consumers from kids to adults.

Gaucho boots, pants and other styles of gaucho inspired clothing is no longer relegated to the domain of a few. Even Hollywood stars and edgy runway models are frequently seen wearing espadrilles, ponchos and other fashion accessories typically associated with a South American gaucho.

For those who want comfortable and versatile clothing there are a variety of gaucho shirts, gaucho bags and gaucho hats that can provide functional style and comfort.

Perhaps the most identifiable feature of true gaucho pants is a button attached to each leg. This allows el gaucho to quickly adjust the leg width of their pants. This feature was a necessity when riding and working with horses.

You can still find these very traditional pants and Gaucho shorts being sold today. The pants and other gaucho inspired accessories such as Gaucho bags have become staples among fans of polo and other equestrian based events. There are variations of these pant that are also available.

With a pair of bombachas de campo you will have a modern day garment that you can wear for horseback riding or at the beach.

Bombachas de campo are a unisex trouser style that use the basic design of gaucho long pants to wonderful advantage.

There are Gaucho shorts and long pants available, and all are made with breathable cotton fabric. These pants have a relaxed, comfortable fit with roomy pockets and a figure flattering style.

You can dress these Uruguayan pants up and wear them at your favorite restaurant or pair them with a T-shirt and espadrilles and relax at the beach. Although there are many colors from which you can choose most individuals prefer dark blue, white, black or khaki.

There are many styles of Gaucho clothes now availble in mens, womens and kids sizes. These fashionable items will never go out of fashion and are an effortless way to connect with Uruguay history.

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