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Jobs in Uruguay


Jobs in Uruguay are on the upswing and many people are discovering that there are a number of good positions awaiting individuals who have the necessary qualifications or experience.

During 2002 a crisis in the banking world plunged this country into a financial nightmare where inflation was spiraling out of control and Uruguay jobs were being eliminated.

Uruguay battled back and today there are thousands of jobs available that need to be filled with qualified workers. These positions range from those related to the banking and financial industries to jobs in greenhouses and on large farms.

With a rapidly expanding economy and a well educated population jobs are now opening up in wide variety of sectors. New industries including software development and consulting firms are giving more people the opportunity to choose a job for which they are uniquely qualified.

These high jobs here are a boon to the Uruguay economy and for many local residents these jobs are the path to a well paying and extremely rewarding career.

The majority of new Uruguay jobs are located in larger, metropolitan areas such as Montevideo Uruguay. However there are also a number of good opportunities available in some of the more rural locales as industries continue to build new plants and factories that are outside of the major cities in Uruguay.

The wine industries that exist in Uruguay have helped establish a variety of jobs for people in this South American country. Many of the nation’s best vineyards are located in areas where rural life flourishes and jobs are opening doors to better pay and more employment opportunities.

Today the people of Uruguay are discovering that more jobs are coming to them, instead of the people having to uproot and go in search of job opportunities.

Textile manufacturers are opening new factories and this is also providing workers with new jobs in Uruguay. New manufacturing techniques, affordable land and governement incentives are helping Uruguay lure more textile related firms to their country.

The beef industry in Uruguay has long been one that employs a large number of people. As new ranches open and established cattle farms continue to expand there will be an even heavier demand for gauchos, farm managers and laborers.

Today Uruuguay tourism is one of the largest of the many Uruguay industries. The number of travelers who come to visit the beaches, resorts and smaller towns in Uruguay continues to climb each year and this means more job opportunities for people of Uruguay.

Uruguay Tour guides, hospitality coordinators, hotel and resort employees and translators are only a few of the tourism related jobs in Uruguay that are now available.

Teachers are always in demand in Uruguay and other Latin American countries.

There are jobs in Uruguay that call for teachers at all educational levels, but particularly needed are individuals with a good command of the English language.

Teaching English in Uruguay can mean good pay and can even lead to more prestigious positions in the academic community.

New companies with headquarters in other countries are considering using Uruguay as a base for their Latin American expansions. These jobs in Uruguay are being made available due largely to the fact that employers know they can find a work force consisting of well educated employees.

More than 90% of Uruguayans are literate
and education is very important to the people of Uruguay.

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