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Jose Ignacio Uruguay


Jose Ignacio Uruguay began as a humble fishing village but today this South American destination has become a favorite of many tourists. The fact that this small community is just a short 30 minute drive from Punta del Este has helped boost the popularity and appeal of Jose Ignacio.

You will find that when you travel to Jose Ignacio Uruguay is well worth your time and effort. This little village appears to be an idyllic oceanfront setting that any tourist will certainly appreciate and enjoy.

Jose Ignacio Uruguay The sky overhead is usually a clear, vivid blue. Along the edges of the beach the emerald colored waters lap gently along the eastern shore. At the background you can note a variety of tall, swaying trees; brilliantly colored flowers, and even more colorful homes.

This is a place where visitors can relax on the beaches and enjoy a refreshing, tropical drink; or they can just settle back and let the tranquil surroundings soothe their minds and spirits.

The village of Jose Ignacio Uruguay is located on a natural peninsula that juts out into the waters. Playa Mansa is the beach on the western side of the peninsula. This is a favorite site for many Uruguay visitors.

The sunsets are spectacular when you stroll or relax along the Playa Mansa beaches. You will be able to quickly see that the waves are less ferocious here than those that lash the shoreline at Brava Beach which extends along the eastern side of Jose Ignacio Uruguay.

Brava beaches are the areas where you will find the more adventurous souls who thrill to the very idea of challenging the raw beauty and power of nature. The differences between the two sides of this peninsula provide visitors with two distinct views of life and adventure in Jose Ignacio.

Jose Ignacio Uruguay There are also a number of restaurants located around this little town. As you might expect, fresh seafood is a frequent offering at many of these eateries. If the idea of savory grilled fish and fresh vegetables are a tempting culinary combination then Jose Ignacio should be one of your first ports of call when you travel to Uruguay.

When you travel to Jose Ignacio, Uruguay be prepared to feast your eyes on a colorful, seaside landscape. The stucco homes are vibrantly painted in a rainbow of colors that delight and mesmerize viewers. Just yards away are the beaches and there is even a lighthouse for you to explore.

Today the town has become more of a retreat for the wealthy and many homes have been transformed into fashionable summer residences. Even so, you can still stroll along the sandy shoreline and enjoy the wondrous colors of the sky at sunrise and sunset. You can also sit and watch many of the local fishermen ply their trade from western Mansa Beach.

Even though there have been many changes that have taken place in this small Uruguay village, the community of Jose Ignacio still retains much of its original charm. There are only a few lodging accommodations available for tourists which means you should make your reservations well in advance of your planned trip.

However there are certainly more restaurants and shops located in the town than there were in the past. You will discover that a day trip to Jose Ignacio Uruguay will be a delightful excursion that allows you to sample the village’s exotic mixture of the past and present.

Jose Ignacio Uruguay I arrived in Jose Ignacio Uruguay on a rented scooter. It was a fairly long ride from Punta del Este. Next time I think I will rent a car instead as my backside was quite sore from the ride.

The lighthouse, called Faro de José Ignacio is a favourite Uruguay tourist attraction which was built in 1877. Like other lighthouses. Its purpose was to guide ships safetly into port and to avoid shipwrecks.

The company in charge of controlling it was Costa y Cia. When I was there in November, I climbed the 121 steps to the top and observed a great view of the city as well as the beautiful beaches and the mighty crashing waves of the Atlantic Ocean.

This city of Uruguay is home to famous celebrities including Brad Pitt.

I decided to have an early dinner at a modern looking restaurant that overlooked the ocean. I had grilled prawns for an appetizer and then a white meat fish with lemon for my main dish. Although tasty, the price seemed high to me, comparable to a similair meal in British Columbia Canada where I am from.

The total for the meal was almost $25 CAD so obviously the locals didnt dine there too often.

If you like the Ocean, beach and sea shells, then you will definately want to visit this city in Uruguay.

I bought a large kong from the ocean for about $4.00CAD as compared to fifty to eighty dollars in Punta Del Este Uruguay.

There were also several local people selling their crafts and wares and lots of things looked like a great Uruguay gift to take home.

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