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The city of Las Piedras Uruguay


Las Piedras Uruguay is one of the cities of Uruguay that is now famous for the beauty of its landscape as well as the wonderful wines that are produced in this region.

Tourists are discovering that the tranquil atmosphere of Las Piedras is as enchanting as the city’s rolling green hills, mild weather and endless blue skies.

Tours of famous vineyards are very popular in Las Piedras Uruguay. This is also an area where photographers often come to take pictures. If you are searching for a calm and relaxing South American vacation destination then this southern city will definitely be one that you should consider.

The history of Las Piedras, Uruguay makes this a unique city as well. Las Piedras is an important site because it was where one of the battles for independence first occurred in 1811. At this time the revolutionary forces were able to defeat the stronger, better armed Spanish fighters.

Over the years the reputation and respect for Las Piedras has continued to grow and local residents are exceedingly proud of their city.

It is easy to travel to this southern city in Uruguay car, bus or air. Carrasco International and Angel S Adami are the two closest airports and both locations feature routine scheduled flights to Las Piedras.

Tourists who are visiting Pajas Blancas, El Dorado, La Paz, Santiago Vazquez or Las Brujas will find that it is very convenient to arrange many different methods of transportation that will take them to the city of Las Piedras.

Las Piedras, Uruguay is overshadowed by the larger cities of Uruguay such as Maldonado but there is much to be gleaned from a visit to this smaller, more laid back region of Uruguay. Visitors will find that the local residents are exceedingly friendly and eager to share the history and culture of the city.

There are restaurants, shops, cafes and hotels that offer good service at reasonable prices. If you want to know more about Uruguay food then you should know that many people have been delighted at the wide variety of food and drink that is available including a large selection of wines and the ever popular Mate.

You can choose to make Las Piedras, Uruguay your primary destination for your next holiday or add it to your itinerary.

Either way you are certain to be pleased with the winding roads, forests, ranches and extensive views of the local vineyards.

This city has managed to grow and thrive without losing sight of the land’s rich history and natural beauty.

History buffs, wine aficionados and outdoor enthusiasts will all find something exciting and unique to see and do when they visit one of the exceptional cities in Uruguay

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