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Pictures of Uruguay Culture


I took Pictures of Uruguay Culture that I thought would give you the reader a true feeling of how the culture in this part of the world is. I found it so different from what I experience in the Cariboo Region of British Columbia Canada.

Pictures of Uruguay Culture Wood for sale

Uruguay culture uses wood alot. No, seriously...I mean alot! There are houses, or shops like the one above all over the place. Its a very common sight to see in Uruguay. Some of these places look to me as if you couldnt fit another piece of wood on the lot.

Heres what I found interesting about this picture of Uruguay. This wood is used primarily for cooking.

Its true! in every..ok almost every restaurant you go has one of these barbeque pits that they grill your Uruguay food on. Most commonly its steak, chicken or sausage.

Scroll down the page and you'll see a picture of me taking my steak off of one of these restaurant barbeques

Uruguay Culture Pictures

I really liked this idea of the above Uruguay picture. I think if you want a feel for the culture of Uruguay then this picture gives some humerous insite.

I felt it only fair that I add it to my Uruguay Culture Pictures page. Here is a perfect example of a difference in our culture. I found this idea so simple and practical. No need for big plastic or metal trash cans, jst a simple pole and basket to hold the garbage bags in.

The People of Uruguay, keep their dogs and other pests out of their trash by building these unique "Trash Holders" elevating their garbage high enough in the air that animals don't tear all the bags apart.

You can drive through almost any neighbourhood and see that everyone has one, and most are just slightly different. These unique creations are as commmon in Uruguay South America as trash cans are in Canada.

In this next picture you see me (on the left) taking my steak off of a Uruguay restaurants barbeque

Uruguay Food

The above picture is a perfect example of just another unique part of Uruguay culture. In this restaurant located in the city of Chuy Uruguay and located right across the street from Brazil South America.

The restaurant staff kindly offered to take a picture of me getting my own Steak. The staff of this "Parillo" as well as most of the Uruguayan people were so friendly and welcoming. We were all laughing because I was so fascinated by their culture and their cooking style and they were more interested in my Dell lap computer and what it could do.

A Humorous difference in outlook don't you think?

I dont know where you live, but I dont see many open pit barbeques in restaurants in Williams Lake British Columbia Canada.

I have so many more pictures of Uruguay culture to share with you and Ill try to keep adding them as I continue to explore Uruguay.

If you have your own pictures of Uruguay culture that you would like to share or contribute and stories to go with them, I'd welcome an email.

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