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Uruguay Legislative Palace

by Carolita
(Montevideo , Uruguay)

An oil painting of  José Luis  Zorrilla de San Martín <br>and depicting the Gral

An oil painting of José Luis Zorrilla de San Martín
and depicting the Gral

Uruguay's Legislative Palace was constructed in 1908 and inaugurated on August 25, 1925, commemorating the Centennial of the Declaration of Independence.

The construction was commissioned by Italian architect Gaetano Morettiand in 1975 the Legislative Palace of Uruguay was declared a National Historic Landmark.

The first picture is an oil painting of José Luis Zorrilla de San Martín depicting the Gral. Fructuoso Rivera are an oil on canvas with dimensions of 1.90 x 2.40.

The next picture, image 2 portrays the Battle of Las Piedras, they are oil on canvas with dimensions of 4.00 x 5.30.

The painter ,b>Manuel Rosé was born in Las Piedras, and completed these inspiring oil paintings on January 9, 1882. He perfected his skills at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome and Paris.

The pictures were exhibited at the Salon of the Societe National des Beaux Arts for three years. In 1914 he was appointed course director of the Circle of Fine Arts.

Manuel Rosé was awarded a Gold Medal at the
International Exhibition in San Francisco USA.

The oil paintings were also exhibited in the Ibero American Exposition of Seville, 1930 and the First National Salon of Plastic Arts in 1937 where it was awarded the Grand Prize for Painting. He painted figures, landscapes, historical themes and field.

His best known works are The Battle of Las Piedras, which is located in the Legislative Palace, and Artigas in the Siege of Montevideo located in the same Palace in Montevideo Uruguay, and the Assembly of Florida which is displayed in the building of the Municipal Florida.

He died in Montevideo on January 16, 1961, his remains were buried in Las Piedras.

The next picture, image 3 is an oil painting of Pedro Blanes Viale and immortalizes the moment General Jose Artigas delivered instructions to the delegates of the orientales .

It was painted about a century later, but like so many other historical representations, it allows us to relive the major events in the history of Uruguay.

The last picture, image 4 is a stained glass window in the House of Representatives

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