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Uruguay School Uniform Pictures


Uruguay school uniform

These kids are wearing a typical Uruguay school uniform. I thought it looked cool to see these kids walking around in the San Fernando Square which is located in the city of Maldonado . This square is very popular with local people of Uruguay.

When I first arrived in Uruguay, I went straight to Punta del Este Uruguay, I started asking the local people of Uruguay where I should go to get a good feel for the culture of Uruguay. Everyone, suggested checking out downtown Maldonado and the San fernando Square. They told me that this is where the locals go to shop, eat some Uruguay Food and visit with their friends.

Theres actually alot to see including several Uruguay tourist attractions and several statues of General Jose Artigas, a National Hero right in the middle of the Square.

I spend several days in Maldonado and just loved it. I took my time just walking around, talked to the friendly local people of Uruguay, finding out about Uruguay food, sampling it and taking alot of pictures.

I have another Uruguay school uniform picture that is more of a closeup of what children typically wear to school.

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