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Atlantida Uruguay Tourism

Visiting the Atlantida Uruguay seaside resort may be one of the greatest adventures in the world. This city in Uruguay has not only become one of Uruguay's most popular tourist attractions it is also the capital of Costa de Oro.

Visitors can easily reach the sandy shores and sparkling waters at Atlantida Uruguay because it is conveniently located only a short distance from the large city of Montevideo Uruguay. It is possible to travel to Atlantida by plane, ferry or car.

Once you arrive in Atlantida Uruguay you will be charmed by the beauty and natural wonders that surround you. There are modern homes, hotels and older residences all coexisting in the same general locale.

Some of the older homes are located very near the ocean shoreline and they have stately balconies that offer stunning views of the horizon. For travelers there are several hotels from which to choose including the Niagara Inn Hotel and the Hotel Rex de Atlantida.

Atlantida  Uruguay

There are many gardens and parks that are in Atlantida Uruguay as well. These feature splendid contrasts to the tall, rocky cliffs that are found at the edge of the water.

It takes little imagination to realize how romantic and endearing this seaside resort actually is. You can easily picture in your mind the rich and colorful city as it must have looked in years gone by.

There are a number of fun filled beaches such as Playa Mansa and Playa Brava waiting for you when you travel to Atlantida. You are sure to discover a quiet cove where you can enjoy the sounds of the ocean as you relax in a serene setting.

There are also beaches with soft sand and gentle waves that are ideal for walking and wading in the ocean surf. If you have a more adventurous streak you may prefer to visit one of the Atlantida Uruguay beaches where surfing, kayaking or parasailing are the favorite activities.

Three of the favorite attractions in the Atlantida Uruguay region are the Cristo Obrero's Church, the Pablo Neruda Museum and Casa del Aguila or Eagle's House. There are sightseeing tours for all of these sites that occur on a regular basis.

At Casa del Aguila you will find a home that many believe possesses mystical and magical powers. This stone building was constructed on an outcropping along the beach and is near Villa Argentina. The house has the body of a dolphin, the head of an eagle and is widely decorated with many other depictions of animals.

In the early years of the 20th century some students were among the first to purchase large tracts of land in the area now known as Atlantida. They wanted to establish native plants and forests and it was not long before eucalyptus, pines and other trees were flourishing.

Atlantida was officially christened in 1911 and within just a few years thousands of visitors were flocking to the region during the peak holiday season.

During the 1920s the lush and exotic beauty of this beautiful city in Uruguay was attracting the attention of many wealthy individuals.

Soon there were large homes being constructed for families who wanted to spend their summers at this new seaside community. Hotels and other lodging facilities were also being built but the first Luxury Hotel was not built in the area until 1935.

The tree lined streets became one of Atlantida's most notable features and these are still prominent today. Large promenades were also constructed along the towering cliffs that lined the ocean.

These walkways give visitors panoramic views of the beaches and surrounding countryside. Soon the promenades were one of the premiere attractions and both tourists and residents could be found strolling about the boardwalks on any given day.

Atlantida Uruguay Vacation

Today these promenades remain enormously popular and there are even pathways leading from the main walk directly to some of the most beautiful beaches of Uruguay.

Atlantida has long been a favorite getaway for the people of Uruguay and Argentina but now more people are discovering the untamed wonders of this coastal city.

During the peak holiday seasons the streets become crowded as curious visitors come to explore the natural beauty of Atlantida Uruguay for themselves.

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