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Canelones Uruguay


The city of Canelones Uruguay is also the capital of the Department of Canelones. Having the same name can often mean some confusion for first time travelers since the region is so much larger than the capital city.

Canelones is a welcome respite from the frantic pace of many of the larger South American cities. In the department of Canelones there are even cities that are larger and more populated such as Las Piedras and the Gold Coast.

Here in the capital city is where you will have the opportunity to soak up the culture of Uruguay, take time to enjoy your surroundings and experience a wide range of adventures and activities from shopping to nature walks.

Wine growing is one of the major draws for Canelones and one of the most important Uruguay wineries is Ariano Hnos. This vineyard was begun by Adelio and Amilcar Ariano. The Arianos were brothers who left their homeland of Italy to grow grapes in the lush lands of this Region. Tourists can tour Ariano Hnos today as well as many other similar vineyards.

This southeastern city in Uruguay features a large number of beaches that are located only a short distance away. These shorelines all have their individual charms and activities.

All you need to do is to decide which setting is best suited for you and your family. In Cannelones Uruguay it is the Costa de Oro (Coast of Gold) that attracts large numbers of tourists.

The Gold Coast is actually an uninterrupted stretch of beaches that have long been popular vacation destinations for the people of Uruguay.

These coastal sites are not as fiercely wild as the Rocha beaches and they are not as highly developed as the luxury resorts that one often finds when touring the city of Maldonado. For many visitors these beaches offer the ideal combination of native beauty and more modern sophistication.

If a relaxing day with a picnic lunch is something that you find appealing the beaches at Canelones Uruguay should certainly be part of your tour itinerary.

If resorts and spas are what you enjoy most you may want to consider places such as Santa Lucia del Este, Costa Azul, Pinamar, Ciudad de la Costa or Santa Ana. For those who simply prefer to spend their hours enjoying the sun and surfing in Uruguay, the coastline of Canelones Uruguay has many unique beach experiences that you will find both invigorating and relaxing.

Imagine having the chance to walk in the countryside and marvel at the tourist attractions that you will find only in this city.

The pace of life is slow and relaxing and there is more than enough different activities to keep your days as busy or as tranquil as you like.

The climate is mild, the weather is sunny and warm and the cooling ocean breezes will refresh you as you explore your surroundings.

A number of visitors come to Canelones Uruguay because of the rich history of the city but there are also many who want to travel to Uruguay because of the beauty of the parks, shores, woodlands and forests. The city of Canelones is indeed one place where there is something for everyone.

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